What are we all about?

What are we all about?

Welcome to our first blog ever at Chainbreakers. We are delighted to welcome new customers to join us on our journey. 

You may ask what Chainbreakers is all about? Maybe you question what we stand for? We don't want to leave your questions hanging, so let's dive straight in to what we are all about. 


1. Bringing change to the premium side of the fashion industry

For so long, people have been used to the same old marketing strategies seen on the premium side of the fashion industry. Flashy advertisements, heinously overpriced apparel, and over-repeated social messages are only driving people further and further away from premium fashion brands. 

This is why we got together and founded Chainbreakers. By looking at the name, you can tell we like breaking chains. In this instance, we aim to break the repetitive and tiring chains of the existing premium fashion industry. We don't want to just stand out, we want change. Now! 


2. We stand to protect the freedom of speech (and will fight for it)

Chainbreakers was founded on the moral principles of protecting personal freedoms. In this instance we are covering a citizen's right to Freedom of Speech. American citizens have enjoyed their Freedom of speech since the First Amendment was added to the U.S. Constitution way back in 1791. The First Amendment guarantees its citizens fundamental rights, including the freedom(s) of speech, religion, the press, and the rights of peaceful assembly and petition. 

Unfortunately, however, there has been a worrisome increase of censorship on the internet, both in America and the rest of the world. Controversial opinions on multiple social media platforms have been reported and taken down under the guide of "Hate speech", which in itself is just a petty excuse to silence opinions that could alter public opinion on certain matters. 

Considering that we live in a democracy, this is absolutely unacceptable. When did any citizen get the opportunity to vote on whether they found it acceptable to take down content considered "hate speech". In case you were wondering, nobody voted for it. So why is there a law against the people's will, in a democracy

You may also wonder why no other business in the industry is speaking up about this stuff? Because there is nobody. That is why we founded Chainbreakers. 


3. Delivering our customers with high-quality products (without the hefty price tags)

With the vast majority of premium fashion brands, the customer faces the trade-off between quality and a hefty price tag. Here at Chainbreakers, we spare our valued customers from this horrendous, all-too-common trade-off in the industry.

Are you wondering how we do this? It's simple. We keep our production methods sustainable, ethical, and cost-effective to keep the price tag under control. But we do not compromise on the clothing's quality. Instead, we made each of our orders on-demand to reduce waste and avoid inventory costs down, thus allowing us to keep prices under control. 


And that is it for today,

We hope that you were inspired, and we shall see you next time around. 

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